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Womb Healing Kit
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Womb Healing Kit

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Womb Healing Kit created by our Naturopath Lauren Campbell.

What the kit contains:

1x trial size yoni steam herbs
Instructions as to how to use the yoni steam herbs
1x 100ml Nadali Moonstone infused organic castor oil 1 x flannel cloth

Benefits of castor oil heat packs + self womb massage

  •   Brings circulation & nutrient rich blood to the ovaries, uterus, cervix & vagina

  •   Improving nutrient rich blood to the uterus may help to thicken the lining and improve the quality of the endometrium for egg implantation and growth

  •   Castor oil has detoxifying qualities for the lymphatic system (immune system, wastes and debris)

  •   A castor oil pack can be seen as a detoxfor the reproductive organs

  •   Moonstone holds the energetic properties of the feminine yin moon and represents

    new beginnings. It is said to alleviate menstrual complaints & balance hormones.

  •   Used regularly, this practice may significantly reduce period pain

  •   Used regularly, this practice may help to reduce cyst size and development

  •   May help to promote healthy ovulation

  •   May help to regulate the menstrual cycle & a healthy menstrual flow

  •   Improves bowel emptying and regularity

Yoni Steaming
Yoni- the ancient Sanskrit word to describe the vagina as a “divine passage” or “sacred temple”
Why do a Yoni Steam?
From a physical perspective, Yoni steams are a great way to cleanse the Womb, helping to remove unwanted waste and old lining. It also helps to encourage the Womb into an open and more upright position. From an emotional and spiritual perspective, it is literally entering through your Root Chakra to cleanse. So you may have upsetting experiences or unwanted memories of partners that have “been” and “attached” through your Root Chakra.
Alternatively, you may be looking to encourage Love or Fertility into your life, and if your Root Chakra is blocked, this could help to encourage the right energy your way. Yoni Steaming is a beautiful ritual that opens and connects you to your womb, allowing the space for the womb to be at the centre of your thoughts, bringing healing and love to the centre of a woman’s being!


Castor oil packs, massage & yoni steams...**Do not use after ovulation if you are trying to conceive** **Do not use if pregnant**

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