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Medicinal Fertility Herbal Range - The Great Ovulation (Phase 3)
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Medicinal Fertility Herbal Range - The Great Ovulation (Phase 3)

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This is everyone’s favourite time of the month – because it’s time for action! Ovulation is THE BEST time to turn up the heat because it’s when you’re most fertile. Remember that lone, mature follicle? She’ll release an egg around about now, and that little egg will travel down your fallopian tube into your uterus.

The journey starts around 24-hours after your brain starts churning out a little something called the luteinizing hormone (LH). This surge causes the mature follicle to bulge out from the surface of the ovary and burst (without any pain!) and release an egg. This usually happens on day 14 of your cycle. This Medicinal Herbal blend has been formulated to assist in the ovulation process. 

  • Promotes Ovulation
  • Improves poor response to ovulation
  • Improves LH surge
  • Reduces Ovulation pain
  • Invigorates Blood
  • Promotes a healthy yin foundation
  • Improves Basal Temp Chart

The third phase, ovulation is a busy phase during which we need to be aware of many different physiological processes, including maturation and release of an egg, transport in the fallopian tubes and the development of a corpus luteum on the ovary. Phase 3 formula – The Great ovulations takes all of these into account. We recommend taking from Days 12-18.


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