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Congratulation: CYG Design successfully won the bid: The Long-term Agreement on Power Gathering Cable Lines of Zhirui, Shenzhen.

Resoure:CYG Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd.  Date:2018-09-28 10:00:00

On September 26, CYG Design successfully won the bid: The Special Long-term Agreement on Power Gathering Cable Lines of Zhirui New Energy Electric Power Survey and Design Institute in Shenzhen. In this bid, our excellent qualification, strong technology, reasonable price, trustworthy business conception and considerate services made CYG Design stood out among six tender units and won the bid successfully.

Main content of this bid: The survey and design work of power gathering cable lines in wind power project, starting from 35kV outlet tubes of fan transformer and ending at 35kV intervals of booster substation, including liens exploration, lines measurement, lines design and other related works on project preliminary design, construction drawing design and as-built drawings design stages.

This successful bidding marked our company's power transmission market entered into a further maturity phase and the achievements of power transmission lines project design became more fruitful. Meanwhile, it accelerated our development momentum in power transmission field, verifying CYG Design’s technology strength and customer reputation, and accumulating experience for us to penetrated into high-voltage transmission line construction project.