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One hundred talents & One rosy prospect

Resoure:CYG Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd.  Date:2018-09-05 15:05:00

Until September 3, 2018, through the joint efforts and careful construction of the leaders and all the employees of CYG Engineering and Consulting Co., Ltd. our company has been developing vigorously and has reached the scale of 100 employees.

The company only has10+ employess at startup. But with the gradually enlarged company scale and increasingly perfect professional foundations, now we have 100 employees. A number of majors have been set up, such as power system, power transmission, power transformation, power distribution, new energy and etc. What’s more, we gather together a group of experts and engineers from various professional fields and more than 90% of them are from key universities in China as a graduate or master. The leader of each technical department has been appointed as the general manager or work in major management position in design institutes which are awarded as Grade A or Grade B degree.

The constantly enlarging company team not only improves our overall personnel quality and technical advantage, but lays a solid foundation for the delivery of high-quality project and strengthens our comparative competitiveness in power industry. Employees are united, forming a high-quality managerial, technical and marketing team featuring solidarity, loyalty, tolerance, devotion, pragmation, high efficiency with in-depth professional background and rich industry experiences, which is dedicated to providing customers with life-cycle solutions and services.

Water will never dry up when it is put into the sea, so does the person, only you integrated yourself into a team, can you be most powerful. The previous glory cannot be forgotten, and the better tomorrow should be forged. In such a competitive environment, we still face many challenges. May all the staff make your unremitting efforts to build a more brilliant future!