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Hand in hand to build a wonderful future

Resoure:CYG Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd.  Date:2018-08-28 11:03:00

August, a season with passion and dream, our company welcomed the arrival of 25 graduates who graduated from different key universities throughout China at the end of August. Their participation to CYG Design has injected fresh blood and vitality into company's development. In order to make new employees understand corporate culture as soon as possible, adapt to working environment and meet working requirements. We organized a new employee meeting on August 24th. At the meeting, our general manager, on behalf of CYG Design staff expressed warmly welcome to the new employees, gave a brief introduction about company's corporate culture, development history and strategic goals, adding confidence and courage to the new employees who just stepped into career.

To help new employees smoothly embarking on job, we have carefully arranged an induction training, including basic training, professional skills training, work skills training, concerning power systems, transmission, and power generation. We believe that through diversified training and mentors’ patient guidance, they can have a more comprehensive understanding about professional knowledge, so as to shorten the working confusion period, quickly improve their know-how and integrate into us. 

Induction training is an important channel for new employees to understand and integrate into a company, because it can provide the most practical guidance and valuable advice. Therefore, we hope this training, lasting for one month will be beneficial for their self-improvement and help them to start with a good career. Let’s hand in hand together to create a wonderful future!