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Meihekou 25MWP photovoltaic power generation of Zhongcheng Yinxin Photovoltaic Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., was completely connected to grid

Resoure:CYG Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd.  Date:2017-12-07 11:36:07

Since the Meihekou photovoltaic power generation project was officially connected to grid, the ground photovoltaic area project was immediately followed, which has accelerated our construction pace. On December 6th, the 25MWp photovoltaic power generation project of Meihekou Zhongcheng Yinxin Photovoltaic Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., contracted by our company, realized full-scale grid connection power generation. Besides, the EPC of ground photovoltaic zone has been signed on September 9th. Equipment and materials were fully delivered on October 20th. The cable-related main project was completed on October 30th. The second acceptance was passed by grid company on November 27th. It was ultimately connected to grid and generated power on December 6th.The construction period was only 87 days. Faced with severe weather conditions and poor construction conditions, our EPC team members stuck to their post, and finally completed the project with high quality, which once again won the unanimous praise of all owners.

In such a cold winter, our company leaders visited the construction site to express their concern and deeply felt staff’s determination to overcome various difficulties. After the storm, there will be a rainbow. Accompanied by the good news that the full-scale grid connection power generation, our company would continue to maintain the spirit that pioneering and enterprising to make great strides in EPC business, create greater value for customers, and build a brighter future.