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30WM centralized photovoltaic poverty alleviation power substation was connected to grid and generate energy successfully in Wangqing

Resoure:CYG Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd.  Date:2018-06-26 10:44:37

“220kV step-up substation reconstruction of 30MW centralized photovoltaic poverty alleviation power substation project in Wangqing”, contracted by CYG Design, was officially started on April 19th, 2018. After overcoming many construction difficulties. It has been smoothly connected to grid and generate energy on June 25th, winning the "630" strategy.

During the process, we mainly undertook the overall design, the procurement of step-up substation electric equipment, the overall construction of step-up substation, and the handing for grid connection procedures. In this phase, a new 220kV main transformer (100MVA) was added and the 220kV was changed from the previous line to the single bus connection. An outdoor GIS power distribution device was adapted to the current 220kV side. A new bus is set up on the 35kV side, a new 35kV main transformer enter- line interval, six collected circuit intervals, a SVG interval, a grounding interval, and a PT interval. Besides, CYG Sunri, as the supplier, was responsible for installation and debugging of the secondary monitoring system, high-voltage protection inner station, high-voltage measurement and control, low-voltage protection measurement and control.

Although the project has tough engineering tasks, tight procurement time, short construction period, difficult debugging and many poor construction environments, our team members adhered to the principle of quality and safety. Relied on their excellent skills in design technology, civil construction, equipment installation, system debugging, grid-connected acceptance and other key tasks. As a consequence, the project has been completed on time with high quality and efficiency.

During the construction, our leaders attached great importance to this project. The project manager, together with the project management team members and the engineering center debugging team members have worked day and night. In order to achieve the objectives of “grasping quality, promoting construction period, controlling costs, and ensuring safety”, all the members strictly emphasized safety, progress, quality, cost and other important parts. We cooperated with participating units, striving to careful deployment, precise organization, sincere cooperation, continuous innovation, strengthened on-site management, consolidated the foundation management. At last, we realized grid-connected power generation in just 66 days and gained highly praise by the owners and local government. 

The successful grid connection of centralized photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station in Wangqing is inseparable from the strong support of other departments, but benefited from the excellent team. This success affirmed the extraordinary brand strength of CYG Sunri, and enhanced the position of CYG Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd. in electric power EPC general contract industry, contributing to be a first-class power engineering integrated solution provider.