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Consultation services for full-life cycle of power engineering

We provide new energy customers, power distribution and marketing companies, overseas clients with consultation services , including company operation and development strategy, research on investment decision and electricity market, power project management and power technology consultation.


Building block intelligent substation

Based on the idea of “standardized design, prefabricated product, modular distribution, building block construction”, we rely on China XD Group's and CYG’s brand image and support to provide all the new energy consumers and oversea clients with one-stop substation solutions.


Dynamic modeling to optimize Micro-grid planning

We provide Micro-grid solutions for incremental distribution grid and areas without electricity. What’s more, we use advanced algorithm to complement different power supply systems like wind, solar energy, hydroelectricity and energy storage, and so on to optimize configurations and customize energy structures for different conditions, so as to ultimately reduce the project cost and maximize its overall benefits.

 CYG Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the few technical companies which can provide not only Micro-grid construction schemes, but Micro-grid core products (energy management system, PCS, etc.).


3D-Design based on BIM technology

Firstly, we have integrated full-life cycle management concept into decision-making, design, construction, operation and maintenance of power engineering. Secondly, the combination of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology can assist us in making decisions on the location and route of power transmission and transformation.Thirdly, by modeling the spatial data of substations and transmission lines, we can achieve engineering designs visualization results, in case of drawing’s avoidable mistakes. Finally, in order to provide full-ifecycle management of electrical projects service, we take advantage of the uniformity and correlation of BIM parametric model and data to realize sharing information and joint management at different circumstances.